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Welcome to the new home of Geri (Baird) Karlstrom


Hi, my name is Geri (Baird) Karlstrom and I want to tell you about myself. I'm a wife of 33 years, mom of two grown sons (with fabulous wives) and a grandma of 3 of the greatest g-kids ever. I'm also the creator and owner of my own SEO company "GeriNet Consulting" which has been in biz for 19+ years. 

This website and blog is my new opportunity to share with you my lifestyle, travels, my music and aging well. And also to take down 3 old sites... yay!

The Oprah Show
One of the most inspiring experiences in my life was back in early 2000's when I went with friends to Chicago to see the Oprah Show. We experienced the joy of seeing and hearing Oprah and celebrating life together in that magical setting. It was so amazing to see this powerful woman and see how she's living her best life and sharing it with others. After the taping of the show we proceeded to leave the building and be terrified to death by our crazy Chicago taxi driver taking us back to our hotel. It was a miracle to get back to the Miracle Mile in tact!

Thanks for joining me and I hope we have fun and grow together. - Geri xo

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