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Mikey "J" Bibs, Twenty Years Ago Today

Posted on May 20 2019

Mikey "J" Bibs, Twenty Years Ago Today

It's twenty years ago today that our incredible Mikey "J"  was born. We adopted him when he was three years old and was named Michelangelo after the Mutant Ninja Turtle. I renamed him Mikey "J" which had a nice rhythm to it. He also earned the cute nickname "Bibs" as... well he had such a big beautiful bib on his chest that he loved to have "scratched".

Mikey passed away 2 years ago. He had a lifetime of ailments that plagued him for his 18 years. Friends would say he hit the jackpot when we adopted him as we took him to the vet with any hint of discomfort. He repaid us richly in unconditional love, innumerable cuddles and witty repartee.

Bibs will always have a place in my heart as the "cat love of my life". This is in part because he chose me to be his mother and thus was my constant companion. We looked into each other's eyes and there was an amazing connection and lovely dependency. He sat next to my mousepad every day for fifteen years and would surprise me regularly by plunking down on my lap for pets. And when I'd leave the house he'd howl at the door when I was gone. How sweet to be loved that much. Not even my husband does this!

The toughest part of grieving such a lovable kitty has been missing him every day since he went to Heaven. As the days and months go by, and his memory gets dimmer the pain of loss never ceases to go away. He was truly one of a kind and like a child to us.

My heart goes out to anyone who's lost a beloved cat or dog family member. It's one of the toughest part of our journeys to go through in life.- Geri xo


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