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Remembering Sandra "Lakey" Robertson

Posted on May 27 2019

Remembering Sandra "Lakey" Robertson

My dear friend Sandra was a beloved wife, mom, sister, daughter and a dear friend to so many. I met Sandra around 1981 and we became the best of friends thanks to an introduction by the great guitarist Jimmy Walker. We were from totally different backgrounds but we both loved music and singing and that's what brought us together. She had her 80's band "Lake Shindell" and I had my 80's band "DC3". We were both single girls trying to make it in the world of music.

And when the music faded from our lives we continued to love each other as sisters and always had a bond no matter what. 

Sandra "Lakey" Robertson

Her husband of 31 years Phil was the love of her life. They had two grown sons Jeffrey and Jordy whom she adored, not to mention an assortment of lovable dogs over the years. They had made a wonderful, full life for themselves. So it came as a great shock to them and us all when Sandra was taken "home" to be with her loving Saviour on March 20, 2019. She passed suddenly of a heart attack at only 67.

She is missed dearly every day and has left a giant hole in all of our lives. 

God speed dear Sister. Forever and always, Ger-wa xo


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